Since exploring patchwork for many different home furnishings I have always had a bit of an obsession with squares, repeated lines and patterns, so when I found mosaics I was hooked!

My collection is made up of plaques, bowls, decorative baubles and house numbers using my own designs of birds, butterflies, fish and flowers. I am happy to make personalised commissions too.

I also love fabrics and make colourful flower brooches as well as sweet little birds to pin on your hat, coat or favourite clothes.

My "day job" is hand-stitching bespoke curtains and roman blinds and yet I'm still inspired to sew all evening too!
My other hobbies include being a background artist for TV, running, gardening and baking.

Studio Uccello is the label that I adopted for my knitted and nuno felted work. The name was inspired by my favourite Early Renaissance painter whose nickname was Uccello, meaning bird in Italian – hence the little bird charm on each piece of my work.

I have worked with textiles from a very young age, starting with knitting & crochet when I was 8 years old and building up to running a large hand knit export business and teaching textiles in colleges of further education.

My cushions, scarves and other accessories usually combine different techniques such as hand knitting or crochet with nuno felting. I also like to incorporate a bit of bling in the form of beads or buttons! I love working with 100% natural luxurious yarns & fibres such as silk, merino wool, kid mohair, camel & alpaca and I am passionate about colour & texture.

I hope you enjoy looking at my work!

Hi, I am a 19 year old girl from Bristol, trying to start my dream business selling my own handmade items! I have a passion for sewing, knitting and general craftiness! On my sites you will find vintage and upcycled clothing and accessories, including completely handmade dresses, playsuits and cute knickknacks! There are constantly new things being made and added, including details of sewing classes and parties coming soon! I love trying out new ideas, and creating new patterns, and make sure that all of my unique items are finished to a quality standard.

Love Nettie is the recent creative development by Lynette Evans, Artist and Maker, Mivart Studios,
Lynette has studied floristry and Fine art and has picked up and developed several self-taught craft
skills over the years.

Lynette has quite a fascination for various vintage and antique items. She particularly loves buttons
and has collected vast amounts for many years, as well as fabrics, jewellery and other haberdashery
notions, stamps, cards and old illustrative items. Lynette loves the idea of a history behind items
such as old buttons, the fashion of the era, the materials available at the time and perhaps a
romantic idea of who may have worn them and the memories they hold.
The basis of the work of Love Nettie is to re-use otherwise old, broken, dis guarded, unfashionable
items and create something beautiful to adorn yourself or your home with. Lynette recycles rescues
and reuses all kinds of materials, mixes it with new elements and creates something fabulous! Her
current range of fashion accessories include hair pieces, brooches and jewellery.

Love Nettie attends several markets and craft events around Bristol and the south west. Lynette is
also currently in the process of developing her online presence and hopes to be selling online in the
near future, in the meantime you can find Love Nettie on Facebook.

Hi I'm Kaycie Kyle, I am a nail technician and artist. I love all things creative, therefore I started my craft projects, such as my handmade soaps and handmade phone cases.

 I enjoying making anything and everything, because I enjoy a challenge and I wanted to share my work with everyone.

I was smitten with beads from the first time I walked into a bead shop in Palo Alto in 1997.  For quite a while I made conventional beaded jewellery.  Then, a few years later, I opened a book about woven beadwork, and realised that tiny glass beads could be used to create not just pretty jewellery, but expressive artworks.  I taught myself the techniques and developed my own organic, freeform style, inspired by oceanic life forms and the art and architecture of Gaudi and Hundertwasser.

I became increasingly intrigued by the medium of glass itself, and in 2006 took my first glass bead-making class.  At first I was mainly interested in making my own glass buttons for use on my woven beadwork creations, but then obsession with glass took over.  

My work currently is a mixture of my own lampworked beads with woven beadwork using seed beads, and wire-work. I like to use swirling organic shapes, and either a lot of glitter, or blending, transparent colours.

My work has been exhibited at the Bristol Designers' Guild, Bristol Architecture Centre, Northampton Museum as part of an exhibition of contemporary beadwork, and most recently at Bristol Tobacco Factory as part of an exhibition to celebrate Amnesty International's 50th anniversary.

Hello, I am The Jewellery Fairie.  My name is Lollie Mitchell and I was born in Torquay,  Devon. I was always creative as a child and enjoyed making things and this I have carried on.  I have a passion for style and accessories.

I have been making jewellery for a few years now – and really enjoy it!! it is a lovely relaxing pastime.

I have created an eclectic collection of styles, which I believe are unique and beautiful.

In my collection, there is a variety of hand-made, bespoke, fashion jewellery and hair accessories,  in a wide range of colours and styles.  I try to find beads which are more unusual and I have used vintage beads, and beads from around the world as well as more conventional beads.  I try, where possible to use recycled or reclaimed beads. I  care about each and every piece, this means that even if something is nearly finished I will start it all over again if it is not completely pleasing to me. No two pieces are the same, therefore you are guaranteed to pick up a unique, one-of-a-kind  piece of jewellery from my stall, I do believe my work is art to be worn.

One of my tutors said to me that I used colours which previously she would not have thought went together – but that I had made it work.  I really enjoy the challenge of making a colourful piece of jewellery which otherwise could not be found in retail outlets.  I like to create new colours using beads to give a different hue.

I am always available to take any special orders to match any special outfit – please ask for details.

Please phone Lollie on 07528715607

Patricia Needham has been creating jewellery for four years. A trained actress, she began making jewellery as another means of creative expression.

Patricia is inspired by anything and everything; from objects, to nature, to people. Her favourite materials to work with are glass beads, silver and wire. She is constantly experimenting with different techniques to create truly unique pieces of jewellery.

Patricia lives in Bristol with lots of beads and her (very patient) husband. When not making jewellery or attending craft shows, Patricia can usually be found at the theatre or curling up at home with a DVD box set and a glass of wine.

Tea and vintage themed hand made items brought to you by a small group of crafters also known as High Tea.

Selling a range of Gloves, Tea, Candles, Notebooks, Placemats and Coasters, Cards,   and Decoupage Tins there is plenty to choose from to satisfy your shopping needs.

Unfortunately they do not have a website or facebook page just yet, so you'll just have to come along to The Looking Glass in December 2012 if these crafty lot take your fancy.

Spirit of Senegal is run by Ela & Sara Seydi, and we are based in Bristol, UK. We buy all our products directly from artists, producers and traders in Senegal, with whom we have come to mutually agreed prices. 

At present in Senegal, the tourism industry is facing a slump, which greatly affects the lives of these artists and traders. You can be assured that if you buy something from us, these people will be benefiting directly from your purchases.

Ela and Sara also spend time crafting their own artwork inspired by Senegal.