Hello, I am The Jewellery Fairie.  My name is Lollie Mitchell and I was born in Torquay,  Devon. I was always creative as a child and enjoyed making things and this I have carried on.  I have a passion for style and accessories.

I have been making jewellery for a few years now – and really enjoy it!! it is a lovely relaxing pastime.

I have created an eclectic collection of styles, which I believe are unique and beautiful.

In my collection, there is a variety of hand-made, bespoke, fashion jewellery and hair accessories,  in a wide range of colours and styles.  I try to find beads which are more unusual and I have used vintage beads, and beads from around the world as well as more conventional beads.  I try, where possible to use recycled or reclaimed beads. I  care about each and every piece, this means that even if something is nearly finished I will start it all over again if it is not completely pleasing to me. No two pieces are the same, therefore you are guaranteed to pick up a unique, one-of-a-kind  piece of jewellery from my stall, I do believe my work is art to be worn.

One of my tutors said to me that I used colours which previously she would not have thought went together – but that I had made it work.  I really enjoy the challenge of making a colourful piece of jewellery which otherwise could not be found in retail outlets.  I like to create new colours using beads to give a different hue.

I am always available to take any special orders to match any special outfit – please ask for details.

Please phone Lollie on 07528715607

11/27/2013 07:29:08 pm

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12/1/2013 07:58:10 pm

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1/9/2014 02:18:33 pm

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4/22/2014 07:47:23 pm

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