Since exploring patchwork for many different home furnishings I have always had a bit of an obsession with squares, repeated lines and patterns, so when I found mosaics I was hooked!

My collection is made up of plaques, bowls, decorative baubles and house numbers using my own designs of birds, butterflies, fish and flowers. I am happy to make personalised commissions too.

I also love fabrics and make colourful flower brooches as well as sweet little birds to pin on your hat, coat or favourite clothes.

My "day job" is hand-stitching bespoke curtains and roman blinds and yet I'm still inspired to sew all evening too!
My other hobbies include being a background artist for TV, running, gardening and baking.

Studio Uccello is the label that I adopted for my knitted and nuno felted work. The name was inspired by my favourite Early Renaissance painter whose nickname was Uccello, meaning bird in Italian – hence the little bird charm on each piece of my work.

I have worked with textiles from a very young age, starting with knitting & crochet when I was 8 years old and building up to running a large hand knit export business and teaching textiles in colleges of further education.

My cushions, scarves and other accessories usually combine different techniques such as hand knitting or crochet with nuno felting. I also like to incorporate a bit of bling in the form of beads or buttons! I love working with 100% natural luxurious yarns & fibres such as silk, merino wool, kid mohair, camel & alpaca and I am passionate about colour & texture.

I hope you enjoy looking at my work!

I am Craig, a self taught hobby potter that has always been intrigued by the processes and materials involved.  I have made bespoke pieces for family and friends over the years, it is some of them that have urged me to start making things for sale.  I like to make unusual pieces, never the same thing twice.  I like to push materials and processes close to breaking point so a lot of my stuff up 'til now has not survived the entire process.  The experimentation that I have been doing of late has given me some confidence in achieving what i set out to do.  I'm a practical person, hence the abundance of bowls and the quest for functionality. The sculptures in this selection are my first attempt at something purely aesthetic, some functionality remains though.  These pieces are the result of me playing around with the medium and learning the constraints of the clay and glazes in custom built kilns.  I already have my next kiln full in my mind and am confident that my next firings will produce finished pieces of a much higher quality.

For custom orders and genereral enquiries please contact designcraftsman@blueyonder.co.uk

All my patchwork items are handmade from cotton fabric, finished
with quilting and using some techniques available such as founding
and crazy. Other items including house décor, female accessories
and gifts are also available.

Every art piece is created with passion and good quality fabric and as
it is all handmade, each item is unique!

You can check some of my designs at my Facebook page:

Vera Rosane / Crafty work

Contact: tonioloartes@gmail.com or verarbau@hotmail.com

Kipenzi was started in Kenya in 2009 by Linda Odhiambo and Alex Hooper. Our name KIPENZI is a Swahili word meaning 'something loved'.  Linda is a hands-on designer whilst Alex is a photographer and graphic designer. Together, a creative partnership with an eye for the abundance of beauty and inspiration presented by Africa.

Linda was working in the craft sector in Kenya and soon realised that many of the 'craft' items produced, although 'hand made' were mass produced for the tourist market. With her love of fashion and design and a wealth of exciting materials to work with, Linda set about creating a new kind of jewellery that was modern, chic and yet always African.

We are thrilled to be introducing our unique and exciting designs made using recycled and renewable raw materials. Kipenzi products are made by us at our own workshop on the outskirts of Nairobi and in our Frome workshop in the UK, whilst other components such as glass beads are made by local skilled Kenyan artisans. We have a close working relationship with all our suppliers, many of whom are women's self-help groups or co-operatives. We ensure that fair trading principles are upheld in all of our activities. We work together on design and production techniques, often spending many hours developing new and effective methods of production. In the coming year we expect to have full Fair Trade affiliation.

Re-cycling is a very popular theme in the developed world but Africans were recycling things long before the rest of the world had thought of those little coloured bins by the front door! So yes, All of our products are made from recycled or renewable raw materials. Brass comes from discarded padlocks and aluminium from dead engines. Glass beads are made from old bottles and our beautiful bone beads are from farm animals only.

It is our pleasure to be involved with the wonderful and skillful artisans of Kenya and through our sales in the wider world, we hope to help them grow and continue to support and improve the lives of families and communities.

And in the end, it's up to you. We have a produced a collection of exciting, stylish, chic, modern, AFRICAN jewellery that we absolutely love.

We hope that you love it too....

Beautiful handmade cutting boards, presentation blocks and wood products.

All 100% handmade in my workspace in Southville, Bristol. Each piece is lovingly hand picked, cut, sanded and oiled by me to create a unique and interesting item. I use many varieties of wood and produce a range of styles so there is something to suit every taste and occasion!

From small day-to-day cutting boards to large presentation blocks and cheese boards you will find a selection of solid, gorgeous wood pieces which can last a lifetime and provide the perfect present.

All timber is hand-picked from local, established west-country wood specialists (Yandles in Martock, Interesting Timbers near Emborough). I then carefully cut and sand each piece and any knots are filled and treated with food-safe filler. Over a period of a week multiple coats of Tung oil are then applied and rubbed down which aids to protect the wood, bring out the grain and provide a naturally food safe finish.

Comissions are always welcome.


Hi I'm Kaycie Kyle, I am a nail technician and artist. I love all things creative, therefore I started my craft projects, such as my handmade soaps and handmade phone cases.

 I enjoying making anything and everything, because I enjoy a challenge and I wanted to share my work with everyone.


The majority of my designs are handmade from fabric, including house décor, toys, hanging mobiles and accessories. I like to experiment with current popular household items such as my twist on the fabric doorstop; in sumo form! Also due to feature in December is a most unexpected bunting design! 

Every art piece is created with passion and good quality fabric and as it is all handmade, each item is unique!

Expect many a strange and wonderful item!

Tea and vintage themed hand made items brought to you by a small group of crafters also known as High Tea.

Selling a range of Gloves, Tea, Candles, Notebooks, Placemats and Coasters, Cards,   and Decoupage Tins there is plenty to choose from to satisfy your shopping needs.

Unfortunately they do not have a website or facebook page just yet, so you'll just have to come along to The Looking Glass in December 2012 if these crafty lot take your fancy.

I'm inspired by a whole range of stuff and nonsense from Hindu gods, plastic toys,my friends cats, years of working in agriculture, Celtic knotwork , my travels to India,Japan and north America. In a sense ,40 years of ambling about still looking and seeking brings me to this point in time. 

Candy & Fags is the sometime home to my creative side.   I don't work that often, mainly on a Thursday evening .
You may find I have items for sale on Etsy. 
Depends on the day of the week.