Studio Uccello is the label that I adopted for my knitted and nuno felted work. The name was inspired by my favourite Early Renaissance painter whose nickname was Uccello, meaning bird in Italian – hence the little bird charm on each piece of my work.

I have worked with textiles from a very young age, starting with knitting & crochet when I was 8 years old and building up to running a large hand knit export business and teaching textiles in colleges of further education.

My cushions, scarves and other accessories usually combine different techniques such as hand knitting or crochet with nuno felting. I also like to incorporate a bit of bling in the form of beads or buttons! I love working with 100% natural luxurious yarns & fibres such as silk, merino wool, kid mohair, camel & alpaca and I am passionate about colour & texture.

I hope you enjoy looking at my work!

Hi, I am a 19 year old girl from Bristol, trying to start my dream business selling my own handmade items! I have a passion for sewing, knitting and general craftiness! On my sites you will find vintage and upcycled clothing and accessories, including completely handmade dresses, playsuits and cute knickknacks! There are constantly new things being made and added, including details of sewing classes and parties coming soon! I love trying out new ideas, and creating new patterns, and make sure that all of my unique items are finished to a quality standard.

Spirit of Senegal is run by Ela & Sara Seydi, and we are based in Bristol, UK. We buy all our products directly from artists, producers and traders in Senegal, with whom we have come to mutually agreed prices. 

At present in Senegal, the tourism industry is facing a slump, which greatly affects the lives of these artists and traders. You can be assured that if you buy something from us, these people will be benefiting directly from your purchases.

Ela and Sara also spend time crafting their own artwork inspired by Senegal.

I have recently finished a fashion and textiles course where I have been focusing mainly on crochet and knit.

I make costumes, hats, fascinators, bigger art and installation pieces and other fun oddities to enjoy or for possible purchase.

Please feel free to contact for further details or if you need any help with your event, decor or costumes.   I will also do commissions collaboration work or make to order if you have something particular in mind.

Hope you all enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed making it!

Bristol based label producing One-Off , Bespoke and Limited Edition Eco-Fashion and Textile Art in a studio topped with Solar panels.

I am passionate about design, clothing, textiles and our amazing planet. All my creations are made in Bristol based studio powered partly by renewable energy. In my upcycled creations I use only damaged clothing (which I expertly repair or avoid the the damaged area), and reclaimed/recycled materials. Each raw material is scrutinised, planned and utilised to create as little waste as possible. Off-cuts are used in other creations and when eventually my scraps can get no smaller, they are used for stuffing or recycled.

My prices reflect the love, time and effort that has been given to the creation to ensure a minimum wage so that I can continue to practice in an environmentally sustainable way. 

When buying ‘Tatty Gem’s’ you can feel confident that you have chosen to buy ethically and own a piece of truly Sustainable Style.